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Your rights

The Civil Partnerships will now offer same sex couples the same rights of opposite sex couples when caring for your partner's death.

Rights and responsibilities following the death of a partner includes:

  • right to register the death of a partner
  • right to claim a survivor pension
  • eligibility for bereavement benefits
  • compensation for fatal accidents or criminal injuries
  • recognition under inheritance and intestacy rules
  • tenancy succession rights
Our Services

We constantly strive to support your rights to choice, launching a new service to help you through one of the most difficult periods in anyone's life.

When you lose your partner and you have formed a civil partnership, you may register the death and make the funeral arrangements.

But there is still the difficult task of ensuring you are entitled to execute the will, which must be proved through a process known as the granting of probate.

Wills are one area where professional assistance is indispensable and we can provide a service tailored specifically to your needs.

Priced at £1395 inc VAT, this includes drawing up of a will, a free review every five years, enduring powers of attorney and a guaranteed maximum charge of only 1.75 percent upon execution of the will. This charge could be anywhere from 3-7 percent from other legal service providers. The price excludes disbursements, land registry and court costs.

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